true Circulation heaters: water, gaz, oil, fuel, tar, etc. :ELECTROWATT.



Circulation heaters: water, gaz, oil, fuel, tar, etc.

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  • Electric add-on for heat pump.
  • Central heating add-on.
  • Engine generator preheating.
  • Fluid heating for industrial processes.

Electric add-on for heat pump & boilers.

These heaters consist of one or more heating elements welded in a tubular body, usually stainless steel, equipped with two threaded inlet and outlet and additional couplings as needed (drain valve, temperature sensor, etc.). They can be in one piece made or consisting of a heater body and immersion heater assembly.

Fixing lugs can be provided.

Thermal insulation in elastomer foam is recommended.
Réchauffeur à thermoplongeur sur brideRéchauffeur monobloc équipé de purgeur

Réchauffeur monobloc isolé mousse élastomère

Generator preheating and combustion engines.

Réchauffeur de moteur thermique

An immersion heater designed to work as a glycol water heater is mounted in a painted steel body with threaded inlet and outlet and optional couplings.

Can be supplied with circulation pump, and with control and safety thermostats.

Process circulation heaters.

Gas circulation heaters.

Consisting of tubular heaters mounted in a metal body in protected or stainless steel, they differ from the duct heaters in that they are waterproof and can tolerate slight pressure without leakage of fluid.

They can be insulated by rock wool, itself contained in a stainless or protected steel casing.

Réchauffeur de gaz non calorifugéRéchauffeur de gaz calorifugé










Liquid circulation heaters

These circulation heaters are designed to client specifications for heating fluids like the following:

Réchauffeur DN350 calorifugé sous jaquetteRéchauffeur double corps DN450

Other applications: loop heater, load resistor, braking resistor.