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Gas heating

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Electrowatt developed a wide range of heating products for air and gases. The bare tubular heaters are well adapted, depending on their watt density, to all processes: radiation, natural or forced air convection. They are recommended when the heated environment is dusty. They generate only low transition losses.

The fin heaters allow installing, depending on air speeds and setpoint temperatures, high power densities in forced air convection. Many standard references are available on stock or deliverable in only a few days.

In addition, thanks to our experience, we can assist you to define the product you are looking for (kind of sheath, watt density, type of connections, attachments, regulation, etc.).

Bare tubular heaters

This wide range of products, made up of tubular heaters hairpin shaped or bent as a trombone and generally equipped with threaded bushings, can be installed in convectors or rectangular or circular ventilation ducts (see Air duct heaters), etc.

Made from a heater series kept in stock, they can be delivered in only a few days, bent according to each customer's requirements.

Éléments blindés nus

Éléments blindés à ailettes rectangulairesRectangular fin elements

Consisting of a "U" shaped element on which are crimped the rectangular fins (25 x 50 or 40 x 80) made of protected steel or stainless steel and usually equipped with threaded glands.

Many standard references are kept in stock.


Éléments blindés à ailettes spiraléesSpiral-wound fin elements

Consisting of a straight tubular heater on which was wound a steel or stainless steel strip, these heaters may be bent upon request and can take more complex shapes (respecting however a bending radius twice greater than the same heater without fin). This technique allows high power densities.