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Immersion heaters

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The immersion heater, which combines several tubular elements and a monting attachment, is the best adapted solution for heating fluids. (Water, oil, fuel, solvents, flowing gases, baths for surface treatment, etc.).

The standard models, on screw plugs or with standardized flanges, offer you optimized solutions. Many standard references are available on stock or deliverable in only a few days.

Thanks to our experience, we can help you define the product you are looking for (kind of metal sheath, watt density, type of assembly, regulation, etc...).

Screw plug immersion heater

Usually made up of 1 to 6 circuits welded or brazed to a threaded plug, the screw plug immersion heaters are currently used for small or medium power ratings.

Electrowatt developed several standard series adapted to current applications and delivered on stock or in a few days.

For special applications, Electrowatt conceives the immersion heater to your requirements. A large stock of plugs with ISO or BSP threadings allow us to rapidly satisfy the most varied requirements.

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Flanged immersion heater

The wide dimensional range of standard flanges (ANSI or ISO) allows designing immersion heaters from a few hundred Watts to several hundreds of kilowatts.

Electrowatt also provides a lot of special flanges : oval clamp flanges, light stainless steel flanges, brass flanges (from left to right).

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Thermoplongeurs amoviblesOver-the-side immersion heater

These immersion heaters are designed to be placed in tanks to be heated by the tanks' upper openings. So the heaters may be immersed or withdrawn without it being necessary to empty the tank.

This concept allows the immersion heaters to be easily cleaned and the same heater to be used in several tanks. It also allows an easy replacement of the immersion heater in case of a bath change.



Thermoplongeur fond de cuve

Bottom mount immersion heater

These immersion heaters on a screw plug or a flange are designed to be mounted in the tank bottom from the interior. The height of the heating circuits is generally reduced to the minimum in order to allow for major variations in the liquid level.

The circuits arranged in layers or on spools allow installing high power densities.


thermoplongeur stéatite

Immersion heater with ceramic core element

These immersion heaters consist of a ceramic core heating element incorporated in a cylindrical sheath made of materials adapted to the heated fluid.

This arrangement offers many advantages :

- A wide choice of materials for the sheath : steel, all stainless steel, titanium, pyrex®, teflon®, etc.
- A low watt density for "fragile" fluids.
- A wide tolerance to the clogging of the heating circuits.
- The possibility of replacing the heater without having to empty the container.

Ceramic core elements

Others applications: circulation heater, water heater, hot water accumulator, heat exchanger, boiler, reservoir, water-bath, treatment pot, degreasing pot, cleaning pot, hydraulic power pack.