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A duct heater which consists of a set of tubular heaters mounted in a support frame made of electroplated zinc or stainless steel sheet metal, is usually intended to heat air circulating in a duct network.

Several types of duct heaters can be distinguished according to their applications :

Terminal air heater:
Located ahead of the blowing vents in an air conditioning network. It is relatively low powered (a few kW). Circular duct heaters or "drawer-type" duct heaters are the most widespread in use.

Main air heater:
Located upstream from the duct network at the air treatment station level. It heats the treated air volume in its totality. Its power reaches a few tens of kW. The heaters used are usually the "frame" or "drawer" types.

"Process" heater:
Designed for applications at higher temperatures and at power ratings up to a few hundred kW. Thermal insulated models with stood off connections are often required. Generally, "frame" type heaters or circulating air heaters are used.

Terminal air heater

"Drawer-type" heaters, which are designed to be installed directly in an opening made in the duct, are built around stored elements. They are bent upon request and can be delivered in small series in a week.

For ducts diameter from 100 to 630 mm and rated from 500 W to 36 kW, the terminal heaters for circular ducts are assembled using elements kept in stock. They may be delivered in small series within 48 hours.

A series of self-controlled circular terminal heaters was developed to satisfy the desire of users for precise temperature control in each room. They can be controlled by electronic thermostats or remote industrial controllers. Many safety accessories are optionally available.

Batterie terminale

Batterie primaire Batterie primaire

Main air heater

Consisting of bare tubular elements, these duct heaters generate low transition losses. They are usually built around stored elements, assuring short delivery deadlines, and are installed in a frame made of galvanised steel sheet (stainless on request) sized to the dimensions of the blowing duct.

Process' heater

These "frame-type" or "drawer-type" duct heaters are designed according to the customer's specifications. Our design & engineering department will advise you about the best adapted and most reliable products.


Batterie de 'process'

Others applications: forced air heating, industrial furnaces & ovens, recycled air heating